Daily news fix

Most of these would be funny.. if they were not kind of sad that this is real  life! lol



So I have heard about low blows… but this is kind of  just desserts! lol


Ohio Lawmaker Proposes Legislation Aimed to Regulate Old Dicks


Ok.. seriously.. stealing laundry detergent.. I am going to forgo all “cleaning up your act” jokes at this point.


Tide Detergent Is a Stain on the Black Market


I am not really a political sort of guy and my personal opinions of abortion will not be expressed here… but seriously… this is just fucking nuts!


Lawmaker Says Pregnant Ladies are a Lot like Livestock



Hmmm talk about getting head… in the head! lol

Public Sex Is My Radical Sex





From sea to shining sea… from bathroom to danky bathroom…

I am not one to judge people on their personal sexual triggers… but this is kind of quirky.


This Is By Far The Grossest Fetish Discovered This Week


Oddly enough boys and girls this story is NOT about the Jersey shore cast!


Hungry, Sex-Crazed Swine Terrorize New York


See what happens when you do not have a advanced killing machine to come back in the future and save mankind by cutting down a tree! You break your ass!

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Injures Ass Skiing, Tweets Photo


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