Sexual dysfunction

This was an actual conversation I had with a woman when we were talking about gender bias and sexual identity .


Woman : I hate how everyone puts labels on sexuality. There should not be a label on who you love.


Me: I don’t think terms like Gay, lesbian, bi, hetero are a bad thing. It is not like you are being labelled a pariah of some sort.


Woman: Well I do not think I should have to label my sexual preferences. Truth is I am Bi but I do not think I should be classified as such!


Me: Ok Hey that’s great, so you have sexual attraction with both men and women. Not my place to judge but people are not like that in general.. they need to associate a term with something to give it a context of sorts.  I am not going to argue honestly if you want to have sex with a woman.. heck i actually encourage it! (laugh)


Woman: You are being a pig (small laugh)  I have never had sex with a woman.


Me:  Wait… you have not had sex with a woman, but you claim to be BI? So.. you are Bi curious and never acted upon it?


Woman: No.. I am not sexually attracted to women, I just find them beautiful and sensual.


Me:  Ok I think you are missing the whole concept of being Bi.  What do you think BI is??


Woman: Well you know… like cuddling and maybe kissing and stuff!


Me: *blink**blink* (walks away)


Woman: (saying loudly) Fuck you pig, all you care about is seeing two women fuck!


Me: Why couldn’t your mother have swallowed!?


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  1. LOL! The world is truly a better place for having you in it, making these observations.

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