According to Facebook I should know these people and ask them to be friends!

Facebook is at it again folks! Trying to get me to be friends with people I do not know and in some cases here… worry the hell out of me!


So right off the bat, this gentleman was suggested to me. In looking at his pictures I cannot see anything we have in common… up to and including playing beer pong till I think I dress like a gorilla wearing a banana suit! lol


You honestly have to feel bad for the guy working here at the Waffle House. He probably earns about $9 an hour and having to deal with stoner crackmoneys that come in at 2 am and get overly excited about smiley waffles!  The hands suggest that is just in shock from this display.




Speaking of being shocked speechless. What is it lately with the goat vests!? This is like the 3rd woman I have seen in a week wearing these? Are we trying to do a yeti impression or something?




Here we have Captain America’s lesser known brother  Private DUR! I really wonder about people sometimes. Then again if it were not for them I might be doing a blog on politics or some such non sense. lol


Somewhere out there are some really proud parents. (Queues Candy Shop by 50 cent)



I do not know about you guys, but I am totally intimidated by an 80 lbs white girl throwing west coast gang signs up! WORD!


Pictures are worth a thousand words… good this one has the right one to start!


Right now David Bowie is going WTF?!  Something tells me this guy is working for hair products money alone!



Just when you think you have had a bad day and your head is about to explode… stop and think.. .I could be this guy! lol.. Your day gets INSTANTLY better!






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  1. This was better than going to a circus side show! Lol

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