Sudden craving for Persian food

So as I was coming to work I noticed this van in the no parking zone for Cafe Rice and Kabob!  The fact that they are in there was it’s own plethora of  annoyance, however as I drove past it I noticed the ENTIRE menu for this bunch on the back of the van.

Who really thinks these ideas up?   I can only see 2 scenarios which both make no sense.

Scenario 1  Stuck in traffic behind this van.  Cannot see the text for the food choices or phone number, so this is a moot point!

Scenario 2  Walking past this van, reading the menu and calling them to order food to be delivered to your house!  Plausible.. but in this scenario the patron is contradicting themselves.  I am energetic enough to go for a stroll but too lazy to go get food? lol

All in all there is so many wrong things here you are welcome to come to your own conclusion! (could be worse though… could say FREE CANDY!)




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