More friends from Facebook suggestions!

So as always I am suggested friends by the almighty FaceBook based I guess on the based on the people I already know.  (this means either I am really screwed up or mostly likely my friends are! LOL)

So I am not sure the fashion statement this guy is trying to pull off here. I am thinking either bad acid trip or my little pony.  Now he just needs SHPARKLES!

The next two are from the same gentleman. Not sure about you but I think he is just shy of pulling off his impression of JEM, I think it is the star eye makeup.

The next one just cracks me up. If you ever wonder what Spiderman looked like as a toker? Here you go! (puff puff pass Spidey! Damn! You are getting webs all over the roach!)

Far be it from me to judge someone’s personal choices in life…  but this guy looks like a cross between Studio 54 and a Kung fu master!

Ok… like this would  not make you do a double take!? I bet you are really starting to wonder “Is that really a..?”

Nothing but WIN here kids… nothing but WIN!

This is an example of why you NEVER let your girlfriend clip your hair and choose that moment to ask for a threesome!

SO it looks like the new Iphone ads are out! Now you know what Siri is doing to you when you ask her all those stupid questions!

I…. have… no … words….

Perfect date here! Cheap and easy! (She actually looks half lit in this picture to begin with lol)


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  1. Is…is that man doing blackface? The year is still 2012, right? What the actual fuck?!?!

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