Another interesting weekend

So on my way home from work I happened to drive past a man in a convertible mustang with the top down wearing a surgical mask!

All I  could think to myself was “Born to be mild~!

Saturday the lady of the house decided she wanted to go decorate the new place so we went out. Some of the things I saw either amused me or disturbed me. lol




I found this kind of  interesting. sugar free sweet tea.. that in itself is not the humorous part. The bottom right corner where it says “no artificial flavors” yet it is using a chemical sweetener that has a shelf life of 2 years! lol  So… is this considered false advertising?  (on a side note in trying to determine if sweet can be considered a flavor I found a travel company that caters to ONLY lesbians!



This next interesting little food item is along the same lines as before… this is for people.. who like the taste of tea but not tea? Correct me if I am wrong… but isn’t tea just water and concentrated tea flavor in essence? lol


For you gourmet food people out there reading my blog… who here would actually consider eating canned octopus and squid? lol



Last but not least.. dessert!  Today’s special is Bimbo cakes! The secret is they are filled with “special cream”!






 I dedicate this next find to all you Mom’s out there (or MILFs as some of you prefer)!


So remember when we were kids and there was nothing more fun than a big bottle of bubbles we would just sit all day and blow and see how big we could get them to watch them float away! We boys and girls… just another example of how lazy our world has become… we invented a machine that takes all the work out of BLOWING BUBBLES! *sighs*


Next really confuses the hell out of me!  I may not be the best bible scholar out there… but I do remember that Noah and the great flood have nothing to do with Easter! lol Seriously people??


Two words… STUNT RIBBONS! I guess this is to give little Timmy flair when he falls down the well? Does Lassie hold up a score card?


Ok admit … how many times have you thrown away COUNTLESS meatloaves (yes that is a real word) because it just WAS NOT PERFECT! OMG! I know this would keep me up at night worrying about how people would secretly  judge my meatloaf as they put it in their mouths!


The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club.   The second rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club! The third rule is you do not make monogrammed freaking soap! lol


So we left there and went to Pier 1, outside of the store I happened to look over and see this. I find it interesting there are 3 shops in a row that specialize in baking and roasting! lol


I call this piece… Heavy Metal Giraffe!


Ending the day at an awesome family owned Irish restaurant. While there I over heard the woman
Next to us order a “girl beer” to which the waiter in true Irish humor replies “sorry ma’am our beers have no real gender!”. It was all I could do to keep from cracking up. A few minutes later she gets up and wraps a scarf around her neck and then goes back to eating. This any other day would be normal but it is 70 degrees outside and she is wearing a low cut thin tshirt with no sleeves! Needless to say this really buried the needle on the old wtf-ometer! Lol


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