Another reason I have lost faith in humanity

So back last Christmas one of our clients brought in food and treats for us as thanks for all we do for her company.


Amongst all this was a huge bowl of lemon bars.  For those of you that may not know what they are, you really should try them.  As some of you that do know what they are you know one of the main ingredients is powered sugar for a topping.

Well fast forward a few hours when he boss’ son comes in and take the bowl into the conference room where I am sitting playing XBOX during my lunch (yes we have an XBOX,65 tv and a soda fountain in my workplace and I consider this a blessing! lol).

So as  I am playing the kid who is 11 at this time proceeds to consume these damn things like he is fucking Pacman. 


His Father finally comes in and looks at the nearly empty bowl and asks “Who ate all the lemon bars!?”  then looks at the kid. 


Sitting there covered in powered sugar and it being all around him like damn Scarface at his desk… he points at me and says without wavering “He ate them all!”


I literally paused the game and looked at him and his father like “Are you fucking kidding me?”

See as some of you may know I am a fluffy kind of guy, so naturally blaming the fat guy for eating everything in sight is a natural response right?!


So I continue to look at his Father like “Are you seriously going to let him get away with that shit?”


He begins to laugh and says “Now you know if this were CSI, you would be found guilty easy! (points at the sugar all around).  So did you eat them all?”


The kid reluctantly admits it and they both laugh at the father walks out. Still I am sitting there like “Ummm ok… I just got lied on and you are not going to even say apologize  for accusing him?”.   We really wonder why the kids of the future have no moral compass or sense of ethics!?

I just hope one day it comes back and bits them both in the ass! lol


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  1. Geeze, talk about spoiled. I run into things like that on an almost weekly basis (I work at a hotel) it makes me very sad for our future.

  2. Well at least you know he’s not an ACCOMPLISHED liar.

    LMAO “He did it!”

  3. You said “I just hope one day it comes back and bites them both in the ass!”
    Don’t worry, cause it will… and you can count on it.

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