Fiancees Birthday

So this past weekend I took my fiancee to celebrate her birthday because you are only 16 once! (Kidding guys she is an adult lol)

We started by going to the local wings place that does all you can eat on the weekends when I noticed this.  I guess this is training for all the morally challenged females out there not yet realizing their potential.. lol

After we eat we went shopping for more stuff to decorate the new place when I noticed this warning on this decorative item.  You know if it were not for this life saving tip I might never have known this and could have seriously been injured!

We then are walking through the parking lot when I noticed this window sticker on a car.   Kind of makes me wonder what this woman’s standards are  when she is trading in one leg humper for another?? lol

I then come home  and check my Facebook where I am greeted by a couple of interesting friends requests.

This first gentlemen I will let speak for himself since I have no words to describe this! Maybe Insane clown posse… hippie?

Though really would that be a stretch since they think they are cowboys now?

Next…  I again lack the proper words to properly convey my feelings here. All I can wonder is what would possess a woman into thinking sticking her rear end out in her kitchen is sexy?  (Insert obligatory sandwich maker joke here)

This next one really truly worry about the future of my country and it’s edumacational system. However I do give her credit for standing up for what she believes in!  The American right to stand in a mirror with a low cut shirt and take pictures of yourself and then try to be inspirational with functional illiteracy!

Not sure how to really take this next one… so here you go!

I then end the day by catching up on a few of my “blogger friends”. 

This one is from my friend SnarkySnatch!
This should be a subtle indicator you are perhaps dating the wrong person!

Last but not least is my buddy  who’s blog is WordPlay

Nice to see someone is mentally corrupt as myself! lol


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  1. Funny and inspired post here from you today, and not saying that just cause you gave me a little bit of promotion with my “What Happens When Fruit Goes Bad” pic. Yep, easily as mentally corrupt I’d bet… Lol

    Loved the “trading in one leg humper for another” line! 🙂

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