Yep.. you guessed it.. more friends!

So I have confirmed Facebook is suggesting these people because they are using it as advertising fodder! (just kidding)

So to start things off I was suggested this individual which I can only describe as “Son of the Naked cowboy”.  For those of you that do not get the reference… here is a site. The Official Naked Cowboy

Next is entitled Menace to facebook Biotch!  Really why does every kid that listens to *A* rap song seem to think they are gangsta!? (no offense to the gangsta readers)

Really… this should be on a site for like or something! So… after we vacuum the  rug outside do… we go inside and rake the carpet?

What is even funnier.. She got her son (I am assuming) to help!

I feel bad for this girl, she has that “OMG please get him off me… he sounds like Beavis when he breathes and I swear I think I feel something poking me in the hip now!” look.

Real women don’t need no glass!

So this had the description of “At  the beach getting a tan!”  What is wrong with this picture?

Another proud parent moment if ever I have seen one! I guess she gave up wearing the lampshade (she back) and just said “Fuck it man, I am hardcore Natural Light baby!” Well at least she wasn’t throwing gang symbols!

What is it they say? “Truth in advertising”

When sexting, it is wise to NOT hold your phone and vibrator in the same hand!


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