Here we go again with the friends lol

So as always Facebook makes some very interesting choices on who to suggest to me as friends.

So this fist one that is up relly makes me worry about the future generation. lol  Kids… you ever wonder why your parents think you are on drugs? Here is an example of why.  (I am going to refrain from making jokes about the one guy face down in a blowhole.)

Something tells me this guys is in the “creepy bastard is brushing against my boob!” zone

Well since this is a Christmas picture she is a good person to let it ride. I mean it is better to give than receive right?

Ok this next picture has the right amount of Awesomeness and and disturbing. Because nothing takes the wind out of the old sails after seeing a huge breasted playboy bunny like a hairy criss dresser with a faux hawk! lol

Not really sure about the purpose here…. but I love where this is going.

Honestly here I am not able to figure out if she is Indiana Jones or Freddy Krueger.   Meh who cares right? Just plain damn awesome!  lol

Not sure which I am more disturbed by here.   The fact he drew a face on himself and turned his nipples into eyes or the fact this girl is giving the thumbs up for this feat. lol

“Mom can I have some more SPF 5000 sunscreen… I think I missed a spot!”

I really think there should be a mandatory IQ with cognitive spacial awareness aptitude tests instead of height requirements. Totally would make the lines shorter! lol

(Although I am really curious what she wants to ride on while eating twizzlers)


Posted on April 23, 2012, in humor, life, stupid people. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. The sunscreen pic was hilarious. As were all the others, but that one especially. I don’t just worry about the future generations, but the planet in general. These pictures reinforce that.

    Great post!

  2. I was looking at the facial expression on that last one, and I’m thinking that she reminds me of something non human, but I’m not quite sure what – and then it came to me… I’ve seen that very same facial expression on rabbits! Seriously! Lol

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