Kids toys.

So I was looking around for something when I noticed this first picture. I thought to myself “Weird that you would give fake plastic food to a kid as a toy!”

So I decided to google  children’s toys and see what other weird shit came up.

I am not sure the purpose of this hand puppet. However am I not only disturbed.. but I feel bad for the family dog of any child receiving this gift.  Thew teeth are a nice touch though, don’t you think?

So want your kid to grow up to be a witch doctor? May I introduce this toy!

Obama action figure??

Guess this is the Jersey Shore cloning toy. Is the blond the first one or the last one? lol

At least we know they are “user friendly” toys!

Look where you are going kid!  Damn I hate when a chick sits on my hypothalamus! Makes my eye bug out!

So…. want to take the fear out of potty training with your kids!?  Make get friendly with their bodily waste!  Wonder if there is a legal disclaimer on the box “Not responsible for kids playing with their own feces!”

 Your daughter wants my little pony mine wants my little stinger missile! I am so totally getting this for my kid!

Great gift for the parent who is going to spend the kid’s teen years riding their ass! Help pay it forward!

Anatomically correct Hulk…   You know what they say ladies, once you go green you never go back!  The look on that girls face though really makes me wonder what she is thinking. I think this is a good time for audience participation!  Everyone caption what she is thinking in the comments section!


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  1. “Hulk…no smash until later!”

  2. I Want That Gamma All Over My Face Tonight!

  3. “I know that boys are stupid, but green boys with their green thingies hanging out are REALLY stupid!”

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