Shopping on Amazon

So as always I get a random weird suggestion when looking for something and like ALice I must tumble down the rabbit hole!


So when looking for Hunger Games for my fiancee I got some interesting suggestions. 


First off… SWAT tactical vests.  Because I know when you are about to take down some major weight with Michelle Rodriguez (yum) you need some stylish threads! Where best to buy them? AMAZON!



Cannot go anywhere without your realistic looking badge! Who is going to take you seriously with a crayon made badges that says “I am a cop, I swear!”



Next… once you get he bad guy, you going to need to keep him under control! So You are going to need yourself some nifty badguy bracelets! (also can be used if Michelle Rodriguez finds you cute *shudder omg*)


This was a suggested item from the ” Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought*

Not sure why you would want to toast your face… but I am not going to judge! (Is it just me or does this look like a cod piece?)



Cannot get Michelle Rodriguez to come play with you and now have a restraining order against you? Get the next best thing! Her action figure!  (ok so it is from Avatar, are we going to split hairs?)





Not wanting to play SWAT anymore because your heart is broken?? Try being a NINJA! Act now and you get FREE HEART STICKERS!!!! OMG!!!

Nothing says hard core ninja like HEART STICKERS!!!



Cannot be hardcore with JUST stickers!!! You gotta get you some Ninja stars!!! All the COOL PRO ninjas have them! (Do amateur ninjas only get nerf?)





After you get all that “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”… breast enhancement cream?????



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  1. Funny post, really like the idea of combining Michelle Rodriguez with handcuffs, but I won’t be getting my wife a tube of that breast enhancement & enlargement cream, because I would like to get laid at least one more time in 2012.

    Oh, and yes it does look like a cod piece, enough that it will probably be used as such, so it would be wise to not borrow one from a friend, and wear it on your face.

  2. That’s SO funny. My son wants that stuff, combat gear etc, just to swan round in – no interest in Michelle R I think yet though. Breast enhancement cream – now how exactly is that supposed to work! Does it make you swell up? The mind boggles.

  3. Oddly enough these are not the weirdest things I have found on online shopping lol

    I was wondering about the dpcream too actually, how can it really work unless it causes an allergic reaction like a bee sting.

    I recall hearing about a product back in the 70s-80s called stiff stuff which was an over the counter product predecessor to Viagra. However by the time the man finished “applying” it there really was no further reason for coitus! Lol

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