Finger licking good!

So since this has been a slow day I decided to have some fun.

I googled KFC and here are the more fun results!


Now this is obviously photoshopped… but you have to appreciate someone took the time to play hide the cock!


So… not sure what old Honest Abe has to do with chicken… but at least I have a good idea what he would look like as a Lady Gaga impersonator!




These next two I am just going to let speak for themselves… as I am too busy laughing to think of something clever.




Nope I lied… thinking about Lady Gaga I think “muh muh muh pecker face! muh muh muh pecker face!” HA!


Well Adam.. what can I say… you forced his hand!


Ok.. not sure is it an homage to the Grim reaper, puritans or Skyrim…




Last but not least… I call this finger licking good!


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  1. Oh,yeh – da Friday ho, ho’s. LOL Sandy

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