More friends lol.. Facebook loves me

So as always Facebook makes it’s usual suspects list and gives it to me!  I in turn… well make you laugh your ass off!



Ever get so stoned off your ass at a rave that you sit down and wake up painted like part of the rave?


These  next two pics came from the same guy, I only combined them for the sheer enjoyment of irony here  LOL

Lets see how many get this.



After reading this.. not only does my head hurt… but I am really considering defecting to Ireland under the fear of being near people like this!



Science has now progressed so far that human interaction is now a fleeting desire. Recently Japanese invented TWO machines for long distance romance to feel more real while online (skype, facebook etc).  The first was meant to simulate kissing. The second was to simulate oral sex.   I do not have the beta testers for the kissing machine… but I do have one from the new BJ beta!



Beware.. you are now in the realm of the Monkey King!


So… two young pretty women…. selling hotdogs… wearing shirts that say virgin america… in booty shorts.. Whats wrong with this picture?



Well if you are going to be that way I am taking the rest of my Build-a-Bot kit home and forget you are my friend!



Some people snort cocaine, this chick snorts pure electricity!



The last thing you see before she goes for the throat and leaves you to bleed out!





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  1. This never gets old! Lol 🙂

    But I have to admit that the first one inspired the body painting artist in me, and I wanted to more thoroughly explore the artistic potential of her “canvas”.

    The combo pic is a good example of unintentional self parody, but FB is the very Kingdom of unintentional self parody online. Which of course is what makes these posts fun.

    The Monkey King? Good to know that some FB peeps have recognized their intellectual superior, and that there is much they could learn from him.

    Those two are guaranteed NOT to be virgins, if owner of Virgin Airlines Richard Branson has been anywhere near them. I think that one year recently, he deflowered the entire tulip crop in Holland…

    While “Giant Transformer Hand Girl” could make for a freaky date, from the looks of her “I live with my parents” surroundings, I think that she was just “waving” to Mom & Dad.

    And yes, “go for the throat” chick is just plain scary, and the stuff of nightmares, so I’m sure as hell glad that I didn’t see her just before going to bed! Sheesh!

    Thanks once again for more FB fun! 🙂

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