Weekend homestead visit

So went to visit my family back in my hometown and could not resist but to notice a few interesting things that have changed over the years.

I started it off by coming into the hotel where I was met with dozens of  teen girls in sequin cocktail dresses having pictures taken as though it were some kind of Ms teen universe contest.  Come to find out out it was a prom for one of the local highschools (not my old one).  Though you would think they had Chris Hanson waiting in the wings to catch a predator given the way some of the girls were dressed! lol


I then go out and stop and a stoplight.  I am not sure about you.. but I find it suspiciously amusing there is  a wig shop next to a barber shop. 


I stop by the local Sheetz to get some gas and coffee.  Has anyone else wondered what a 60 year old man looks like on a crotch rocket?  Well here you go!


I then stop by the local store to get something for my mom.  When I get out of the truck I am met with a woman screaming at two teens kids about then stealing some piece off the cart corral and calling them assholes at the top of her lungs!      All I can do is sit there and laugh.


I come out see this.  Don’t you hate when you park in the handicap spot illegally and someone steals your tires?  Talk about karma in action! lol


Who has 2 Thumbs and likes to be beaten with large sticks by hyperactive sugar craving kids!?  THIS GUY!




Ok seriously?? This is just another example of making the world more wimpy!  When did they take away our heavy metal lawn darts and replace them with this crappy *electro dart’!?  I mean hell that was half the fun dodging the lawn dart!  You always got to throw them at that one kid no one liked!



Ok really people.. this game ranks up there with those little league sports where there is no real winner so kids feel good about themselves.  Ladderball!?  This is a game where someone crossed horseshoes with Bolos!  good thing “we” never played this or little Timmy would be getting tripped up a lot from people aiming at his feet all the time! LOL




I kept ringing but no hot redheads came out to “service me”!


To end it all I get almost home where I pull up next to a young Asian man driving extremely slow in  a pickup listening rap music! Lol I think all stereotypes were represented here.


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  1. That would be heaven. Ring a bell, get serviced by a buxom redhead.

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