Monthly Archives: May 2012

Yep… time for some new friends!

So been involved with some things and not able to be able to post as of late. So I have some time to make up for.



We start off today’s collection with a game!  It’s called “Guess how old I am compared to how I really look!”  Winner avoids this girl like the plague loser gets and all expense paid tour of the finer NJDoC. This trip is fully paid and  can last up 10 to 20 years (depending on if you play nice with the other housemates)! Good thing though is full dental and medical benefits, exercise and regular “proctology” exams!





Speaking of the cops…. here is one of the possible arresting officers! You have the right to a lap dance! You have the right to a private “consultation”! Being a cheap tipper can and will be used against you by a beat down from the pimp… I mean “talent manager”!





Is there anything I can really say here that is not said with this picture!




Yeah… this chick is ready to party like  A MERMAID  COWBOY!



Not getting the message they are trying to relay here… anyone else understand what they are trying to say?





I think this is a good ending to this post. I see a soon to be feel good movie about a boy and his toilet! I am sure Hollywood will totally make this after all the other turds they have been kicking out lately! lol