This is why you cannot have a normal conversation with me

As many of my friends have learned over the centuries, you never know when and where my weirdness will strike! Lol

The butter owl gyrates in the moonlight at the cornfield at midnight

Friend K:
what if it’s a new moon

Then he sparkles like a emo vampire
Battling a licorice werewolf

Friend K:
you should write childrens books

Or erotica for foodies

Friend K:

Then the curve ball:

Personally I believe there are two instances in life that equal if not rival one another in the level of beauty. One is a cool summer sunset where the clouds are just so that the sky turns golden/red and looks like an oil painted master piece. The second is a woman’s smile, how she looks over her shoulder at you with that sparkle in her eyes like the moon on a lake after you have told her how beautiful she is.


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  1. That was one hell of a curve ball and definitely thrown for a called strike, cause I never even saw it coming!

    And I agree with the opinion. There’s probably someone else that you’d rather have agreeing with the opinion (diff gender) but I understand, and I won’t take it personally. Lol

  2. The most beautiful moment in my opinion is the look on a woman’s face when you’ve just given her a lot of money and she’s running away with it as fast as she can. It’s sometimes hard to see the look as she flees, but well worth it for connoisseurs!

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