A interesting St Pats Conversation

So during the course of something completely unrelated (as usual) I was reminded of a rather adult conversation(holy shit imagine that) I had between myself and a girl at work.

I walked up onto the manager’s desk to look for something and she was standing there answering phones. 

During the time I was looking she looked over and said “Hey you are not wearing green! I get to pinch you!”

My reply “I am wearing green, you just cannot see it!”  

“Well then, in that case so am I!’ (Cheshire cats smile)

“You show me yours, I’ll show you mine!”

Just as she was pulling up her shirt to start showing  our manager walks up on the bridge to look for something and down came the shirt like a guillotine! 

“Hey guys, whats going on!? Dude why do you look like something is wrong, you look upset!?”

“No reason, just was expecting something good today and some jackass just came along and let the air out of the tires so to speak!”

“Oh that sucks man, want to talk about it?”

“Nope, I think I can work it out myself… but thanks for the offer!”

The entire time she was standing there horrified and turning 5 shades red.


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  1. hahaha this cracked me up! so damn cheeky!

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