Another fun weekend!

So in doing some shopping and getting stuff we needed, I noticed all sorts of interesting things as always.


SO either they would not buy back these used books or the reader really did not get anything from them as they were sitting at the garbage area in my apartment complex.   I cannot see though HOW in the hell they could not get anything from the public relations! It’s got Bono and Oprah on the cover! Come on, that is a goldmine there!



We stopped to get gas when I noticed this girl walking around wearing a CHRISTMAS blanket like a dress!.  Frosty and Santa were both singing  “Tis the season for WTF!”





During our drive over we were running along side a kid that kept putting pictures of random boxers in the window of the car he was riding in.  Do we have a future Don King among us?




So we get to the WalMart and my fiancee wants to get something to eat.  She noticed that this guy bought out what seems EVERY waffle cone and waffle bowl in WalMart. Guess he REALLY likes his icecream!

I noticed this as I was getting my soda.  Do they have armed men that come out and rough you up if you do not follow their law?  Further more do they seriously think someone is actually going to do this? LOL


Walking up and down the aisles like a good little finacee I happened to notice this.  Roc resurfacing disks!  Is this for your face or coffee table???



They were having a GREAT deal on fake weaves! I mean… prosthetic hair extensions



No wonder the people at WalMart are always grumpy! Someone switched my rum for the fake stuff I would be pissed too!  Wonder why I never saw a fake Jack Sparrow walking around.


For those of you that are too busy and on the go to wear a real watch, here is a slap watch!

Should be accompanied with a slap across the back of your head! ( though something tells me adults that wear things like this really have no place to be that requires them to be on time! Think about it, there will be a pop quiz later)



We then stop in the shoe section for me to get some gel soles for my boots.  There was this woman there with her cart and blocking the entire 4 foot section so I could not reach them.  After waiting patiently for a few minutes and her looking up to see me she kept reading  the labels on the back of the soles she was looking at.  I then look over at my fiancee and say “Should I get the ones for high heels, mine are ALWAYS making my ass hurt something fierce!” She immediately dropped what she was reading into her cart and pushed it away from me as quick as she could. Needless to say my fiancee was laughing her ass off as the woman passed.






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  1. Lol you do have a way with people

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