Another day in the life lol

So we started Friday  going to work as usual and traffic started to  crawl.  So for 15 minutes I am stuck and annoyed. Finally we get up to where there is an accident which is nothing more than a glorified fender bender which has pulled off the road and they are calling someone.

This was not what caused the backup. What caused the backup was a 6 inch  long by 3 inch wide piece of plastic laying in the middle of the road that everyone was trying to merge into the right lane where I am to avoid driving over it.  Needless to say I let loose many colorful words.

Then during lunch I go to the local subway. I pull up next to this man that has his head on steering wheel and his left shoulder was moving up and down. Unfortunately I did not get a clearer shot! lol  Guess the gear shift needed some loosening up.

While in there a man is wearing a shirt that has a picture of the KC colonel on it and uder it says “Asslicking good!”

I then am on my way back when I hear a clopping noise like a horse was near.  I look around and  see a man walking across the street in a ball cap, ripped jeans, soccer jersey, Ipod in ears and SHINED UP WINGTIPS! Needless to say I was confused by this entire ensemble! lol

On the way home I pass a woman driving a hybrid car that was covered front and sides of the car with a variety of “tree hugger” bumper stickers.  Everything from Recycle and reuse to I am doing my part going green driving a hybrid!

Guess someone did not give her the memo explaining the three major things required in making bumper stickers. Trees for paper, oil for the adhesives and laminations , bugs assorted other nature related things for the dyes! lol

I pick up my fiancee and go to WalMart where it gets even better.

We pull up next to this “baller” who is trying to look cool for the carload of underage girls behind him by blasting his music and revving his engine.  Of course you know he is totally bad ass because he has skulls painted into his car!

We get in and she wants to get some nail polish before we get into the grocery section.  So off to makeup.

Can someone say rage issues?

Wait… what “kolor” says furry gold digger whore made famous by a porn?

Last but not least while we were in the electronis section I sat and watched this Best Buy employee spend a good 5 minutes digging to the bottom of this cage to get THAT box of Nerds! I guess the other 2 in his basket would not feed his habit!


Finally drive home past a man holding a sign that says “Homeless and jobless. God Bless” 40 feet away from a sign on a building “Now hiring full time and part time positions!”  for a new business that just opened.


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  1. I, for one, am disappointed of the lack of a photo of the guy wearing the “asslicking good” shirt haha

  2. Well you can’t have just one box of nerds! You need extra incentive for when the kids actually get in.

  3. I liked your observation on the hybrid with all the bumper stickers. 🙂

  4. Every trip for you is an adventure!

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