SO… my friend Montrese told me to check out this FaceBook page called The Sports Bar.


Not sure if this was the right one, however it was an interesting one to say the least! lol


So we start off this tour by playing one of my Favorite games.. “Spot the Douche!”  Winner gets to wake up in the morning with dignity  loser gets to go home with him and realize her standards just hit rock bottom… but at least she has access to plenty hair gel (and most likely beauty products) in the bathroom.




So here we segway from a picture of one giant dick… to another giant dick!(also hidden picture time, when you see it you will go wtf)



So a mechanic and a sailor walk into a bar… and proceed to work the pole! (also notice photobomb asshat ruining a good fantasy)


Real women have a bottle in one hand and a PITCHER in the other!


So.. here is a question of perception… is she orgasming or having a seizure



Bet this is a story you are not going to hear on “How I met your Mother!”  (sad thing is I think the girl in the left photo in bottom  is trying to deep throat her’s)

Drunk… check…  half naked……check…. dancing with a giant blue teddy bear….check! Well someone’s bucket list just got a tad bit shorter! Wait.. .are the Teddy’s eyes kind of red? Has he been toking on the honey bear bong again? Drug test! We need a drug test here!

I am not really sure what he plans on doing with that plunger… but looking at the smile on HER face she is all about her get pipes getting  unclogged!


Sorry ladies and gents… this is THE END!


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  1. Enjoyed your photo selection and captioning, and yes, the photobomb asshat ruined an otherwise perfectly good pole working fantasy! Liked The END, but would like to be able to say that I enjoyed The END… Suddenly glad that I don’t think my wife knows I come here to visit. Lol

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