Another trip to Dulles

So my fiancee was coming back from her trip and I needed to go to Dulles to pick her up.

On my way there I get behind this guy.  I think his intention was to make this look like a “Fast and Furious” street racer machine.  Unfortunately the electrical tape Chinese symbols really do not convey that. Oddly enough the man driving was Hispanic… 




I get there and as I am waiting I got to looking around at the new stuff they added in the last year or so.

In the spirit of healthy competition you have to appreciate starbucks opening a shop right NEXT to a cafe/bakery! lol



Some did not read the sign! Then again maybe he is training for his upcoming career in fashion runway modeling by the way he is walking. SWAGGER! Cue Right said Fred! CATWALK!





I do not know about you guys, but I really hate it when I am looking depressed and forlorn while peeling my orange…. and a fucking french plane keeps buzzing around it trying to land on it!






Speaking of future runway models or in this case crash test dummy, this girl came  stumbling out of the previously shown Starbucks. Hot coffee+5 inch heels she cannot walk in=Mensa hopeful






Just before my fiancee lands I then notice  a man who is sitting to the right of me that keeps wrapping himself up in a blanket so you cannot see his face or body. Sorry sir, the cloak of invisibility of works for Harry Potter!


Last but not lease was the young girl to decided to sit down across from me and began texting like her fingers had a gun pointed at them. In between text she started cackling like you hear from the cartoon female villains in Disney movies.


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