Friends suggestion #13?

As always kids Facebook gives me interesting suggestions as friends… and I pass on  the the things I find most interesting about these people to you!

Couple hundred years of fighting for equal rights, voting, equal pay and respect… done away with one college party! lol

Don’t you hate those friends that just SUCK the life out of you! (at least that is what I am hoping this is)

So.. yes.. hundreds of dollars spent on presents and gifts… and all this guy wants is duct tape and the boxes to play in!  I wonder who in the world would ever find this attractive enough to fall in love with!?

Asked and answered! lol

“Hates Phones and the color pink”  Good thing someone did not take a picture of her with a Iphone in a …. nevermind.

Want to be a chef…. and loves firefighters… something tells me she found a way to get a date EVERY Saturday night.

As much as I appreciate candid photos by friends… seriously?????

Have I ever mentioned being damn proud of being Irish? Lolololol

FYI I really hope that is a representation of BEER FOAM on that woman on the far left.. LOL

Need I say anything here LOL


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  1. Soooo if the girl hates pink wtf is she doing in a pink tank top?

  2. Now these “friends” are even better (or maybe worse, but in a good way) than the usual assortment that you frequently feature here! But ya know what struck me about “Ms. Pink Corona Hat I Heart Partying” besides the obvious, which is her obviously and nicely exposed well rounded ass? She’s wearing panties that mostly cover the territory north of her southern bare buns, and her panties seem to be more of a “My Nearly Naked Ass Down Here!” sign, than an article of clothing.

    You probably think it strange for me to mention something so commonly done, but I guess that once in a great while, I look at the world around me, and I actually notice the true level of insanity that has become what’s considered normal behavior in a world that’s been turned upside down, and for just a brief moment, I’m shocked…

    But the moment never lasts, so hey, TG for those panties that are all about exposing instead of covering, cause that’s a USDA Prime Cut Grade A view!!! Lol

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