LOL The things I see in a week

So here I thought this was going to be a slow week since I am working from home now, but society does not fail to deliver.

So going to KFC I looked over ans saw this sign.   How does one control Mosquitoes? Can you leash them, put a saddle on them?  Later do you dress them in cutely absurd outfits?

While we are there a WELL endowed woman walks in and orders some food. I turn around and all I can say is “Looks like extra large breasts are back on the menu boys!” This pic does not do her justice.  (My fiancee made me blur her face out lol)

We leave there and go to WalMart where I see this van with custom AC. Seriously… that is a gas powered generator on the backside. lol Is the heat THAT bad?

We go into the school supplies for her to pick up some stuff and I of course see interesting things!

Like germ resistant….pencils? Really… have we become that damn Mysophobic that we are shopping for these pencils?? Who the fuck sniffs pencils by the way?

Writing embellishments….. ?   Remember when the most “jazzing up” you did was putting it in a sleek cool colored binder before turning it into the teacher!?


Am I supposed to write on the sidewalk or eat this? lol

So… this kid and his dad was walking around.  He was wearing a heavy metal Tshirt of a newer band I never heard of with his metal studded belt. It is like an Emo and a Headbanger had a love child and gave them all of their hand me down clothes from the 80s! lol

Last but not least this woman walks into the produce dressed like this with her man who literally looks like he took every steroid made. When he was talking to her I swear all I heard was grunts. Seriously, who goes dressed to WalMart like a stripper? Wait this is WalMart nevermind.


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  1. 🙂

  2. So sorry you didn’t catch BreastZilla at a 2nd angle! lmao

  3. that kfc pic is finger lickin good

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