Things to do when bored

So…want to meet new people…then annoy them?

Go to your local grocery store and grab one or two of cherries, grapes, whatever and take it to register. Watch them try and ring it up. Cherries work the best especially if you remove the stems at the register so you “are not charged for waste”!

Get $30 dollars in mixed change grab stuff equalling the amount barring the change and go to the self check out! The looks People give you as you are dropping in the random assortment of change and then paying for the last few bucks with a check card!

Call up to local radio shack or best buy and find the most clueless sounding girl. Tell her you are assembling a electronic project for school and the instructions are asking for 5/8″ left handed screwdriver and what is the price . It has to be that specific size because too much torque would crack the adamantium casing!

Then there is the random books stores where you can ask for the cliff notes books for twilight and sudoku for dummies.


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  1. YOu need to go back to working at the office! LOL

  2. lol @ cliff’s notes for twilight

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