30 minutes at the grocery store

So , this is just 30 minutes of my life to prove to you how shit gets crazy in a blink of an eye! lol

Pulling into grocery store I get out of my truck and immediately see a man riding his ten speed bike one handed through the parking lot while on his cel phone.  While he is cutting across the parking spaces laughing and talking on it a woman starts backing out not seeing him because he is cutting across instead of going down the lane like a normal person in a car would.

At the last minute she slams on brakes to avoid backing into him and he swerves narrowly missing the back bumper and screaming HEY HEY HEY, while still on his cel phone.

I then walk in and see twin girls sitting in a cart like the picture below.  The girl on the right wheel was moving the wheel back and forth going VROOOOM!  The girl on the right was face first in the wheel and appeared to be gnawing on the bottom half of the wheel!


I walk by a brother and sister looking at candy when I hear the brother get excited “Holy cow! $1.99?!  All we need is  99¢….I mean a $1…I mean.. a $1.50 from mom and we can get this with our money!”  That kid is REALLY going to have a shock to the system when he turns 18 and Mom cuts him  off from “his” and her money!  LOL Just kidding…he probably has a trust fund set up knowing this area!

As I am checking out there is a group of teen girls buying 4-5  1/2 gallons of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles and other assorted junk. One girl screams “We need bananas! Go get some!”  Her friends then come back with a bunch and as they are walming back all she can do is scream “Are they organic!?Are they organic!?Are they organic!?”   I think her really short shorts were cutting off the blood blood to her brain, only explanation.  


As I am leaving I happen to look down the row and notice the donation area for clothes, books and shoes.  Looks like since there was no bin for this donation they just set it up there for pick up..,or a BBQ!



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  1. Your first scenario gives me hope that all the most really stupid and annoying people will just accidentally kill each other. Hey I know that there could be some collateral damage, but ultimately it would be worth it.

    Lots of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles and other assorted junk is a leading cause of “short shorts extreme tightness syndrome”, resulting in constricted blood flow to the brain, and weakening of brain function, which was probably already weak to begin with. Someone should educate these teen girls that what really matters, rather than having tight short shorts, is having a tight ass and tight vagina.

    Hey, I’ve enjoyed many an enjoyable BBQ while set up in front of the charity collection bins, cause that’s just the way I roll… Except that I always bring my stuff back home with me, rather than leave it behind for some stupid and dirty poor person!

    I’m beginning to think that you and I are a bad influence on each other… LOL 😀

  2. You notice the funniest things!

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