4th of July friends suggestions!!!

So as always FaceBook never fails to find the most “interesting” people to suggest to me! In turn I show you just how screwed up some people really are! lol

Interesting enough this was a female friend suggest and this was one of the first pics I landed on of her’s (she is the one you cannot see)

I guess that it is true what they say about Christmas, better to give than receive!

Ok time for a game. It is called “Matter of perception!”  So is the man so drunk he is crosseyed  or is he so crosseyed and cannot tell how many he has drank?


So.. yeah there goes another erotic fantasy out the window! I can never look at a hot large breasted redhead woman in a frenchmaid outfit ever again thanks to THIS guy! (However my large breasted female readers are encouraged to send pics of themselves to my email at SocialConfusion@Hotmail.com for purely scientific testing purposes of my theory!) Also Do I really need to make the dirty Sanchez joke here? I think it is implied. lol

I am REALLY wondering WTF is in that water gun to render such a look of fear in this girl’s face? Llama Semen? (inside joke, let me know if you want the story lol)

Ok I have heard of being “in the bag”, but the box?

Again money well spent on a college edumakayshun!

Last but not least is this guy I saw at the local Sheetz! I wonder if he is dating the den mother or living in her basement. LOL


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  1. Okay… 1st pic: Interesting way to hide your face from the camera. Lol

    2nd pic: Dude is so f*cked up that he looks cross eyed…

    3rd pic: Same dude is so cross eyed, that he looks f*cked up… Now not so sure that getting sober will help him, but thinking more along the lines of eye surgery.

    4th pic: You must look BEYOND the nightmarish vision of the evil and disgusting French maid transvestite… so you can take in the VISION of that smokin’ HOT Blonde on the left, behind him!

    5th pic: I’m thinking that’s really a tazer disguised as a toy water gun… Otherwise, the Llama Semen is the only other plausible explanation, so go ahead and spill your inside joke… Lol

    6th pic: I think this is like a lost image from much of the time that I can’t recall, while I was in college, and I’m glad! Not glad that it happened, but glad that I can’t remember it happening. It’s long ago in the past now, and best forever forgotten. Lol

    7th pic: He’s probably living in the Den mother’s basement. There’s also another possibility, but now that would be some real debasement! Lol

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