Friend Suggestions #16

So as always Facebook makes such the interesting suggestions.



Why does everyone think they look cool or tough sticking out their tongue and flipping people off on Facebook? Seriously.. they look like drunken rednecks. FYI You have to admire the parents of the girl who lets her date a guys with 4:20 on his fingers!




Merry Christmas from Meth-ville!


I really am wondering if this was before or after the Santa picture. 


Don’t you hate when a random man walks up and eats your hair! lol Wait is that the son of Carlton Banks?



So I am totally not one to question family traditions and family activities. However this father daughter pic… leaves me giggling and wondering.


Awww look they taught her how to fetch the stick! lol



I swear this is the third guy I have posted that tries to look gangsta with a pink bandana. Seriously dude.. you simply cannot look thugalicious when you are looking snaps-a-licious!



Who wants to play a game of tic-tac-hoe?



I call this picture “Ode to Lane Meyer” see how many can guess this. (hint Better off dead)



Who is the guy that is popular at all the parties at the all boys school? Ask his friend!


I wonder if this is the sister he learned it from! lol




At least we have establisjed she is not a CHEAP whore!

You know… you would think the picture of a halfnaked chick at a riverbank with a drinking problem would be cool, but turns out it is just fucking weird!






Now we come full circle with more “I am really cool by flipping of the camera” kids.  *facepalm* Some mothers should really learn the value of swallowing… just saying.


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  1. lmao @ “Meth-ville”!!!

  2. I’m ashamed to be apart of this generation.

  3. lol @ tic tac hoe. oh, and Lane is totally going to eat it if he tries to ski the K2!

  4. Great collection of morons – very funny! PErhaps it’s mean to call them morons on second thoughts – I take that back. But they DO look very weird.

    • What is sad ore than anything, is the fact these people are allowed to procreate. Someone’s bloodline is one condom break from taking a sharp right into the to retaining wall. Lol

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