Out shopping again…. lol

So as always I go out to do stuff and cannot help but find the most interesting things to share with all of you my fans and friends.

On my way to the store I could not help but notice the 2 police officers pulling over the entire bus of senior citizens.  FYI that is the K9 unit truck, I guess they were searching for “glaucoma medicine”. lol



Oral care….feminine hygiene… incontinence and mouthwash… anyone else see a pattern here.. LOL


Moms and Dads… have one of those kids that fight to stay up and never want to go to sleep to give you at least 30 mins of unadulterated quiet? Just tell them this is candy and your problems are over!!!



Ok…. are spinner rings for couples who have Chamillionaire – Ridin Dirty as their wedding song?



For your inner stoner girl! Lets see how many get this joke! lol




Nope buddy… thats a ceiling.. though thanks for playing!


I get home to find a received my new reusable coffee filter.  Box 4 inches in width, opening in mail box 3 inches… mail carrier… not paying attention to details.



During the time I was looking for the coffee filter I noticed this.  A “Her’s only” pen! Seriously? We need to make this world more screwed up and materialistic by saying an INK PEN is for girls only?  Psychologists… start your diagnosing..


I guess it is the comfort grip and fun modern retractable tip that is the real selling points…



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