Friends suggestion 17

As always FaceBook does not fail to deliver.  Oddly enough I cannot see ANY reason why these people cannot be future friends…… or stalkers

Oh Yeah… this chick is the epitome of ecstatic.

Somewhere out there… there is a proud set of parents thinking they just put the furture Marie Curie into college, unfortunately this one is dabbling in a different kind of chems. lol

Love the sign “Who are these and why are they calling me mom!”  Someone is growing up with mommy issues.  Oedipus… party of 2!


Mom! I got a passion! I need to express my art in a way that makes people stop and their mouths drop open in wonder!!!

Thank the LORD for the well placed hand\ photobomb!

New profile picture for Plentyof ?   Nah this is so

I see this as one of those motival posters! lol

Man… she was not kidding! lololol

Lesbianism… your’re doing it wrong!

I know some people are amazed by siny objects…. but a dog bowl???

Hmm The situation and Amy winehouse had a baby?

So…. yeah… I got nothing here! lol  Then again… do I need to?

I have heard of communing with nature, but turning a tree into a weed pipe? SERIOUSLY!???!?

I think someone is very proud of their vagina! lol It got a gold star!


Make sure you guys close the lights and fans when leaving!!  See you later!




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