Out an about lol

So this weekend went out and did some shopping and watched the OSU game with my fiancee (she loves that team.   During the day I saw some interesting things.

On the way to Buffalo Wing Factory I noticed a 9-10 year old boy walking down street wearing a karate gi (the white pajama like uniform they wear to work out in) and holding an umbrella with rainbows on it. Of course this is perfectly understable. If you are going to walk down the street these days at that age carrying a rainbow umbrella, you damn well better know how to defend yourself! lol


We stopped at Micheals craft store (her happy place) where I noticed this charm of Cthulhu! I guess this is to protect you from the impending doom!

After going out to eat I dropped my lady off at the house and went out to the grocery store to get us some stuff for tomorrow dinner.

I happened to look up and notice this poster.  Seriously.. anyone over the age of 5 that cannot tell a ripe banana by now… this poster is not going to help you. LOL

As I was checking out I noticed this 12-13 year old girl with her father at the register next to me. Talking a mile a minute into her cell phone and grabbing one bag to carry out while her dad grabbed the other 5 or 6.

Girl too busy talking on cel phone and walked out right in front of a car wihle looking the other way.  Lucky the driver must have sensed this was going to happen and stopped quick enough to not hit her. She hen proceeded to walk  wrong side of parking lot while dad yelled at her repeatedly at the top of his lungs “Jessy the car is over here!” After about 5 times she finally stopped and looked up and walked to the other side of the parking loot where they are parked.

Coming back from the store I got behind a Papa john delivery car with the license plate saying NO WEED.  Somwhere out there a stoner is crying into his meatlovers pizza. lol

When I got home I decided to take a walk (trying to lose weight and stay healthy so I can live long enough to drive my soon to be wife insane lol).

I went behind one building where I had noticed someone was storing\hiding their exercise bike outside. It looks like it is hiding in the bush here waiting to pounce on me. LOL

I then walk past the maintenance area.  Now I know people lose a hubcap or gascap… but how the fuck do you lose a bumper and matching hood?


Hey check it out! I have a neighbor thats a parrothead!

So I get home and my lady asks if I can hang the new shower curtain we bought.  As I am doing this I noticed it says in bold letters SHOWER RINGS REQUIRED.  Now for someone like me I would this this is a given and you do not need to be told this. However something tells me there is a guy out there at this moment with a roll of duct tape and a shower curtain scream “WHY WONT YOU STAY THE FUCK UP!”.



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  1. I like the umbrella boy! i bet he’ll go on to do great things.

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