More shopping with me!

So I am on vacation now(much needed) and in doing so this has afforded me more time for fun and observation!


While driving to the store I happened to notice this new transportation service. I guess this is for cars that do not have cup holders as an standard option?



We happened by this small store which I have to say has a unique way of storing their food.  I wonder if they use dry ice to keep the ice cream cold.


We get to the store where I forst take notice of this dog toy, oddly enough I realize this looks A LOT like a ball gag! So the question begs… is this for a dog or a really annoying child! lol




As much as I am a supporter of breast cancer research, you have to appreciate the humor in this.  FYI if you are looking for a goof cause with a sense of humor.


Nothing says Happy Halloween like an impaled skeleton on a devil’s pitchfork with a lightsaber erection! All we need now are a bag of bluw M&Ms to bring this all together!






Screw roses! Give your lady a bouquet of candybars! Always a great plan every 28 days! (no not zombies!)


Happened to find my all time favorite candles plus their scented oils (men do not laugh, the way to a womans heart is through her nose, for those of you that cannot afford diamonds).  Well I guess judging by this picture that they are indeed spill proof! lol



Ok.. .not that I am one to judge… but what the hell are you cooking with 12 pounds of grapes and 9 boxes of hamburger helper? lol



Stopped off at the sheetz gasstation and noticed they are trying to attract an higher class crowd with shotglasses of fine wines lol



So we get home and I decide maybe I can find some interesting things online as well!


At home make your own lip balm! Yeah that could always end well! lol


What could be a worse idea?


So… who wants to be a slutty crayon for Halloween?  I will bring the pencil!


What kind of idiot feels they need a stainless steel dog tag with a diamond in it!?



Asked… and answered!








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  1. OH. OH. OH. I was a crayon for Halloween two years ago. o:

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