New friends!! ( I think this might be #20)

So as always Facebook has graced me with a PLETHORA of interesting people.


We start off our journey with a physics lesson! What do you get when a man with dredlocks is met with a  ball to the crotch?

Is this the porn version of “Taste the rainbow!”?  Who knew a bag of skittles could have a happy ending!??



Show of hands! Who “earned” backstage passes to very happy (now) Blue man group?


Drunk rednecks or teenage zombies? Matter of perception.


Stuffed animal cage match UFC style!



Call of duty! You’re doing it wrong!



Ever wake up with your best friend and a stuffed animal after a hard night of drinking, then  swore never to talk about this again?



Given the statement she adds to this picture… kind of makes you wonder how she found a webcam that could take a picture of her overinflated ego and her ducklips! LMAO!



Reason #2 why I will never buy a smart car!



Hmm 2 drunk provocatively  dressed women and a white van in the background… yeah this will end well! lol



Swordfighting, you’re doing it wrong!



What can I say here that is not implied. I will let this picture speak for itself! lol




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