Going home

So as I said in a previous post I am on vacation.  During this I decided to come down to m hometown and spend some time with my family.


While driving down and finacee and I noticed a palm reader business next to a glass blowing business.  Begs the question, which gets more business the hand job or blow job business!



Drive about another hour and noticed a guy going 60MPH  down the highway with a loveseat strapped to the roof of his tiny minivan.  Wish I would have stuck around to see him take a turn! lol


We get to the city and decide to go out to dinner.  While we are there we over hear many interesting conversations and see a lot of things.
A girl walks  in wearing pink booty shorts.  My finacee commenting “looks like the fresh order of tarts are in!”.  I commented ” enough whipped cream makes all tarts better!” lol She laughed and then looked at me suspiciously.
While we wait for our food I over hear a man talking to his friends. Said his brother left him with a couple that kept buying drinks and turned out to be swingers that wanted to BOTH have a threesome with him!
We sit and watch the game then go back to the hotel,  when we get there she wanted a drink.  Just as we are walking up the bartender announces last call.  As we are sitting there the group of bikers to our left make their last call order and we hear a woman exclaims “WHAT THE FUCK! I KNOW YOU DID NOT JUST SERVE ALL THOSE ASSHOLES!”
She then proceeds to leave with entourage and says to all of us, “Fuck all you white redneck assholes!”
I cannot go anywhere without attracting the nutjobs! lol

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