Finally a real use for google!!!

So as always allowing me access to the internet is always a gamble.  So I decided to find some interesting places to visit before I get off my vacation.

It has been a stressful vacation so I was thinking I needed a massage to relieve stress.

A direct competitor and mortal enemy of the previous company.

This one I did for giggles. (My fiancee is going to hit me for this one! Hope you guys appreciate me taking one for the team! lol)

Now I know where to tell people that piss me off where to go!

Totally digging option B!

Suddenly I am interested again in horseback riding!


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  1. Thanks so much for taking one for the team and telling me where to find morally challenged women, so I can teach them a much better way. (to be more experienced and skilled in being morally challenged, of course!)

    Funny post about the bizarrely funny world of techo-info we now live in, and I hope your vacation had a very “happy ending”. Lol 😉

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