I got your gold star!

So I recently found out that they took Oscar the grouch off of sesame street because they felt it was giving kids the wrong impression to kids and that anger\grumpiness is a social NO NO.  He is now currently in a halfway house seeking treatment for his anger problems to transition into society again?

They put cookie monster on a diet of veggies and fruit and cutback his intake of cookies.  The reason behind this was due to the fact they felt the cookie monster was giving kids the impression that compulsive eating was ok.

Recently Eidos reported they are re imagining Lara Croft from the busty iconic character that videogame geeks (male and female alike) have been drooling over for almost a decade or more.  They are giving her a more “realistic” body type. This means they are making her breasts more average and her figure more typical of today’s young females. This way it is not giving young female gamers the impression guys ony find gun toting, ridiculously rich females with large breasts are all they care about and possibly lead to unhealthy self image.

So as I see it. We want to redo the fantasy world to better dictate the real world, so that the pulpy minds of the future generations are not given emotionally/mentally  stunting ideals. Thus telling them that anyone not of these ideals are bad and to be thought of as such.

A few months ago I was told by a man his son plays baseball where no one keeps score, this way there is no clear winner or loser. Every one gets a “participation” trophy at the end of the season and some sort of certificate to signify they participated.

We want to build this entire house of cards of lies and deceit giving them a false sense of accomplishment.  Thus giving them the mentality that they are to be rewarded for every time they participate in something and giving them the mentality they are owed such for simply showing up?

So in closing we want fantasy more real and reality more fantasy.  Yep that makes sense.


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  1. Thoughtfully well written; especially your last line, which really nails it and I agree with you. Seems like people start these aberrations out with good intentions, but they end up getting distorted into extremes that at best, do no good, and at worst do a lot of harm. That thing about playing baseball without keeping score is seriously fucked up and so out of touch with the reality that Life always keeps score, so if you don’t want to end up a lifetime loser, well you better start trying to play to win.

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