Friends suggestions #21

I am really thinking FaceBook loves for me to get these people. lol

I think we will start off with the young lady who takes personal grooming to a whole new level. I have heard of trimming the hedges.. but damn! I am so waiting for the guy she picked up at Home Depot to come in with the edge trimmer. lololol

Not really sure what this one is doing here at the metro… but it honestly looks like she is sitting here and taking a deep breath in.  For those of your that have not ridden the DC Metro tube…. this can be a very dangerous thing to do as many people on there have POOR hygiene. lol

Man things are tough all over. Look like Ninjas have lowered their standards enough to include drunken college girls with Roadwarrior makeup!

In honor of Oktoberfest. The Blessing of the BEER! See and her parents thought that 6 years in college were for nothing!

What post would be complete without the obligatory “I am tough and cool because I can give the middle finger in a self picture!”.   Oddly enough this is the only time most people are brave enough to do this.

Last but not least… Meet the number one Lady Gaga impersonator!  If you are going to have your identity stolen… may as well have done in style!


Whoops almost forgot this one! Looks like my Ipad has now started suggesting friends!! Who knew I could just DOWNLOAD hot girls! Wait..isnt that still porn?





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