More shopping….. seriously.. I need new ideas! lol


Seriously… in the year 2012 we are still having to put signs like this up? Wait… maybe the fingers are from the people not getting a cup fast enough… well it is DC. lol


Ever had porn cheese?? Its everything you wanted in a cheese but where afraid to ask from your partner because you do not want them looking at you with that “You want to stick what, where?” look.


To really help set the mood and solidify any chance of getting the O Face… I suggest this wine. Works wonders with morals. lol



Not about you guys… but I have yet to meet a candle I found yummy, in any spelling.  Though I get the idea some kid out there has an idea to make himself a jackolantern now. lol

MMMMM Right in time for Halloween! Oragnic candy! No sugar, no aditives, no fun!  Will be complimented in kind by the orgaqnic eggs thrown at your house!



This one really confuses me… taking one of the healthiest things to eat yogurt… and loading it full of fruitloops?  Sad thing is not even the good fruitloops, this are the generic store brand version that you pour in milk and let them sit for a half hour before eating or you will break a tooth! lol



Finally… when did we move past signs that say “Out of order!” and just decide to shrink wrap a toilet? Kind of looks like an easterbasket… though I am sure not eating the peeps from that basket!







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