Logical reasoning has no place in corporate america!

So in the last few weeks I have been hearing all this relentless idiocy about corporate america and their tax rates (I am not going on a political rant so you do not have to stop reading. lol) and I got to thinking about how much money they are wasting due to their simple standards of practice.


Today I was sent a letter which was stamped at the cost of 37 cents from my television provider.  In it was a one page letter  it explained in GREAT detail that as of August 31 of 2012 the channel named “The cool tv” will be deleted and no longer available.  Now lets analyze this for a second.


Letter postmarked 2 days ago for a channel being deleted 2 months ago….

A letter sent to me through the mail when a message could have been emailed to me or *gasp* through my CABLE BOX!

So…just focusing on the 37 cents… they had to have sent this letter to the millions of customers that use this exact same service ( I know at least 2 dozen in just my neighborhood alone) which adds up.  They probally do this frequently on random reasons.


A week ago I was sent a $4 refund check from my electric company for overpayment and when I called to inquire why they told me their policy is to refund instead of applying to the next month’s balance! *sighs*



6 months ago I received a refund check for 27 cents from my car insurance and the postage was 37…. same reason as electrc company that they do not apply to next balance. lol


Imagine all the money saved if they take out the idiotic SOPs.



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  1. Yes, it’s a mad world – so many people are paid not to think.

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