Shopping… of course there are pictures!!

So as we went out this week to grab some things for the upcoming storm so we have stuff to eat, I noticed a whole bunch of cool things to go WTF over!

Sugar free…fat free….. gluten free…. calorie free….they forgot taste free and fun free! lol

So what we have here is a virile young man “supervising” a 8 month pregnant woman on a ladder moving displays of heavy coolers for people wanting to buy incase the power goes out.  Thats showin’ them buddy! You totally got that equality thing down! Now to work on that chivalry thing…

Sorry I did not realize it till just now… but I cut out the PLUS SIZE part of the sign! lol (so much for me being a photographer)

Btw the sizes they had here were 6-8  … yeah

And since we are on the subject of Halloween!!! BRAAAAINS!!!  With a side order of texas pete chili! lol

Someone had an interesting sense of humor when it comes to Horror movies, surprised I did not find “My best friends wedding”. lol

OK not really humor here but this is kind of cool.  I am sure  there are ladies out there who like to screw around and it is for a good cause!!

When walking back through the parking structure I noticed this Sons of Anarchy stunt bike, the person driving this bad boy has to be a real bad ass with those flames on the helmet! lol

We stopped at the dollar store to grab some storage containers and I happened to notice this as I was walking down the aisle…

Not sure which is more painfully funny… the menopause test  or the uninary tract infection test…. I am leaning more towards the urinary given the method\procedure   in which to test. lol


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