So as always I was bored and decided to read the news to see if there was anything else going on in the world because a mega storm and the presidential elections!


Boy did my eyes get opened! lol


Irony… It happens.. lol


I am so glad he is a dog person, because if he was a cat person this headline would have read a whole different way… and TMZ I am sure would be involved! lol  However I understand as he was planning on naming the dog “Loose Change”. Wonder what the meaning behind that one is…


Wow… Michelle sure has changed ALOT since she made Batman returns….. barely recognized her!






So… yeah… totally glad this was spared in the storm… maybe Sandy was afraid of catching an STD?


Ok… I believe that he did not have a seizure.  Psychotic break or constipation however he wil have a hard time arguing!









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