Friends 22#

You know those people who hang signs from the trees that say “No trespassing, violators will be shot!”

Well from the looks of this picture she cut out the middle man and caught this tree trespassing! At least give the young sapling a cigarette as a last request! lol

Not that I try to be a nitpicker, but someone should really explain to this chap how one eats a burrito. Also when you say “I am totally into this burrito man!” Do not be literal! lol

*sings* WHO LETS THE CLONES OUT! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! (OK Ill stop lol)

What can I say here that is not blatently obvious with this shirt! lol

Is this one of those Before and After shots?  Someone forgot to set the timer it would seem… lol

Yep I feel you man… I would make that face too if my hair was slowly sliding down the sides of my head too!  Though one good thing, he can go as a bowling ball in a hula skirt for Halloween!

So… someone just got to third base with the local baker! This is one of those mixed metaphors I think.. it is when you are getting a “roll in the hay” and “rolling in the dough” and make a love

Ok Kids… off to plan my next post. As always all comments, concerns, complaints and general whining or fan submissions can be emailed to me. 


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