Texas visit

So as some of you know I am a BIG videogame lover and so is my fiancee.  So we decided to go to Texas to kill two birds with one stone. 

We decided to go to the MLG tournament and see her family all in one fail swoop!

For those of you interested in what MLG is. Here is the link. MLG.com

Anyway  we get to Dallas and are picked up by her best friend that lives in the area. We start off for the hotel and that is where the fun starts.  On the way there I happened to look over and noticed there is a store called CONDOMS TO GO!

Which is a way makes no sense… because if I wanted condoms, I would definitely want them TO GO.  Not like I want to stick around to make balloon animals or give a demonstration on how I am to use them! lol

A little further down the street are two stores right beside one another.   The Casket store and boxes to go.  Something tells me the later one is for those people not wanting to spend A LOT of money on the pine box to send their loved ones to the afterlife! lol

We stop at Bonedaddy’s BBQ.  Even though I wanted ribs, I kept  yearning for breasts for some reason…

 We get to the hotel where I happened to look over and noticed that the newspaper machines take credit cards now.  Now far be it from me to mock technology… but you are just asking to have your identity stolen here kids! lol

We get to the hotel and drop the bags off.  As I go to use the bathroom I noticed that the trashcans have two compartments. One for regular trash and the other for recycle.    Here is a stumper of a question… which side do the used latex condoms go?  All answers can be found in the comments section! lol

So we go down and she wants something to drink and are told by the frontdesk staff we can either go in the bar area or in their comedy club! 

I guess in Texas, anal sex is a form of comedy!?

While we are there the best friend is telling us about this new company that is called Rent a tire. Not only the most predatory idea since the banking industry but the smartest.  Can you imagine some poor guy missing a payment and coming out to cinderblocks where the tires were? LOL

So fast forward to the next day at MLG.   Walking in the first thing, we are approached by the Flipz pretzel girls asking us if we would like a sample.  Unfortunately I misundersttod  what they were offering and then realized it was the pretzels! lol Not sure what sex and Pretzles have to do with one another… but far be it for me to stop a girl from working… it.

If you ever go to the Dallas convention center, remember there is NO BREAKDANCING  IN THE BATHROOMS!!

So we wrap up the  convention and go to see family.  We get there and want to go eat.  We settle on a place called La Hacienda, which has AWESOME TexMex!  Upon entering I see this, this one I am sure EVERY woman had in their house! lol

As we are leaving I saw this and thought you all might enjoy!

So we stop to do some gift shopping and I see these “fine crystal goblets”.  Yes those are mason jars! lol

Scorpion lollipop anyone??

Maybe some jumping beans?

Jumping beans

So we arrive at the airport to leave and say our good byes.  As we are waiting for our plane we wandered around a bit.

Unfortunately I did not realize this picture turned out blurry till I came home.  That sign to the right says SEVERE WEATHER AREA. Not sure this means toxic fart storms or the bathroom can also be a tornado shelter.  

Not sure about you, but if I am going to hide from a tornado I am thinking a better place would not be the bathroom.  lol

We stop at one of the gift shops where I noticed this playset.  I wonder if you have to specially order the TSA agent playset with the Kungfu grip molestor hands and full body scanners!?


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  1. Lol I like the sign in the bathroom

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