Monthly Archives: February 2013

A day out shopping… AGAIN

As usual G and I went out to get supplies and such for the upcoming week plus snowstorm(s). You know me, I can never resist the opportunity to see things that really make me wonder.
We started the day at walmart. can I just say it speaks volumes about our society when we are sold shirts that promote the act of “trolling”.  For those of you not acquainted with this newly revamped name for the old act of being an asshole, here is a site to read about it. TROLLING (no this is not a link to Rick Astley)


After staring at food at the grocery part for awhile we decided to go to my favorite hot dog place. Meet The Angus. 8oz pure Angus beef hotdog. Yes Idid take a nap after eating this.. later that day.


G then realized she needed to get a cordial or something for a recipe she wanted to try so we stopped by the liquor store (package store for some of you).

I am not sure about you all, but if I drank, I sure would not want to drink anything out of a bottle like this. Half man, half demon and named apocalypto?!


Looks like Naked Jay has a Big Dill, ladies… bottoms up! (wait that sounded kind of dirty didnt it?)


DUUUUUUUDE! Wheres my liquor?!


Ever wonder if a bottle of Kalua and Mrs Butterworth hooked up after a late night of drinking?  Looks like they would join the Monastery!


Yes, you know you ALL have wanted alcoholic whipped cream! Comes in flavors of chocolate, amaretto and SIN!


We then stop at Wegmans because she was craving cheese. Can someone explain to me why you would need to get a goat drunk to milk them? Was there an ulterior motive here? Was the goat dressed in a french maids outfit?


From there we went next door to Bed Bath and beyond!

I am sure this product is popular with A LOT of men… “stress relief” lotion! hahahahaha

Just glad no one tried sampling it when I was there.


So i was going to make some witty remark about portable STD prevention here… but then I saw that I caught this guy sneezing next to this sign and felt that the irony would be funnier!


We shortly stopped then at Michaels!

FYI They do not like it when you sit in the middle of their displays saying you are an african safari hunting the elusive MILF!


Fortune cookie making kits…. somehow I am seeing this as funny because the Chinese fortune cookie is being made in America… lolololol


Ever want to sound like a high pitched shrill annoying person singing karaoke? Well for those of you not born tone deaf… here you go! (have to love unwanted Christmas leftover crap)


Lava Seat, no matter how much you love it… you know you are worrying constantly about it erupting up your ass!   Thar she blows!


Ever wondered what a smurf tastes like… now you can find out by rubbing it all over your lips….