Friends #23

Extra Extra read all about it!  These are the newest crop of friend suggestions thanks to faithful old facebook!

Coming off the Christmas season I feel this is appropriate. Disturbing, but appropriate! lol  Kind of really makes you wonder the criteria used to make the match to me as suggestions!?


For something more disturbing… I am really losing faith in the younger generations and their idea what they think is funny. Nose hairs? Seriously?



This makes me think this picture is saying “These got me this! Now heres a picture!” lol


I honestly have no words here. Though at least they are secure enough to pull this picture off!


Ever have one of those days that you cannot get drunk enough because of it!?


Nothing gives a purpose in life or sense of accomplishment then getting your face tattooed on another mans ass!


Like the phoenix of Greek mythology , this bird will rise from the ashes of the oven to  rule over the gravy and cranberry stuffing! One bird to rule them all!  ( hey was either that or SCREEEEECHHH! BIRD OF PREY ATTACKS!) lol


Talk about your Jekyl and Hyde moments! lol Some day that kid is going to grow up and see that and go “Dad seriously!? WTF!?”



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  1. LMAO gives me an idea for tomorrows post. Thanks!

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