Offers and sales

So as many people in the US I have signed myself up for email offers and sales that are targeted for my interests… at least I thought they were. lol

So as you all might notice in the upcoming images a recurring theme, one that truly does not apply to me. Somehow they must think I am young, athletic woman.

 What is a photofacial? It that like photoshop? Do you just sit me in a room and repeatedly flash me? lol  I know there is a “money shot” joke in here somewhere!?



Three airbrushing  visits or one month of tanning bed…  Hmmm possible skin cancer or coming out looking like jersey shore?  Of course with my luck if I choose the airbrushing I will come out with a lightning bolt or something. lol


Bartending bootcamp? So what happens if you  screw up? Do you drop and give them 20 bodyshots?



Boudoir photoshoot…. lets be honest kids… at this point in time if you want to see your woman naked you just need to google instagram or reddit! lol



Spinning classes? You need classes to ride an stationary bike? Do they come with imaginary training wheels?? Also wtf did we start calling it spinning? When dont call jump rope vertical leaping!




I have to admit I got really excited when I read the first part of this offer till I realized they were talking about hair! *sighs*


0C1C3DEC-E9F9-4C08-8A66-948F4FB41DF4-1170-00000057C6079205 - Copy


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  1. Ooooou. Go to Bartending Bootcamp with me! 😉

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