Friends #24

So always kids.. certain societal network sites who will remain nameless have served up a whole new fresh batch of friends! lol ENJOY

So… yeah… makes you have an urge for boiled eggs doesnt it?  Question is… was this alcohol or wager related?

I heard of eating someone up because they looked yummy… but never thought someone would try it.


Ladies and gentlemen… your future president!

If he sneezes the camera man is going to be blinded lol


Ever wonder what would happen if Simon Pegg and Kid rock had a baby?


Same guy.. different hair… still drunk and weird! lol   I totally hear him now singing “Im too sexy for my shirt!”


Anyone else seeing the irony of the sign “Please do not leave children unattended”?


Here is a matter of perspective…   Are these two going to Prom…. or a funeral?



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