Let them eat cake!!!

So I was reading blogs last night when I came across a picture he had posted of his Brother’s wedding cake. According to him this was a traditional cake.  Needless to say i am like a happy dog with a bone and I ran with it.  So I decided to google Weird wedding cakes. Below is my bountiful findings!

So I am not sure how to even begin to describe this cake. I do however get the sneaking suspicion this was designed by a college football player with the nickname Moose or TBone. lol


This I have to say is one of the creepiest cakes I have ever seen. Though does show the determination the bride has to make sure he eats her on the wedding night! Yep I went there! lol



Correct me if I am wrong.. but when you say wedding CAKE isn’t there supposed to be…. CAKE? This looks like the top of a cake with Guinness shooters all around…

Wait maybe it is an Irish cake?





So I have heard that marriage can be a series of checks and balances… but this really goes above and beyond. lol



So is it just me or does the main cake look like it is surrounded by spaceships shooting lazors!? Dammit where is Will Smith when you need him?!



So as much as I can appreciate themed wedding cakes… from behind this looks like they are slicing into a giant pile of dog shit! lol

Then you look and see if is Jabba the hut and realize they are going to eat a giant worm!  Now without tequila this is just down right silly!


Best wedding cake ever! Totally going to try and talk my lady into this, of course knowing her she will want a Legend of Zelda cake





Well if this does not sum up marriage I cannot say what does.. lol



Not sure which more I am impressed by. The authentic camouflage frosting or the giant fucking deer head coming out of it!  I do like the hoof and antler decor! Totally ties this all together!  I guess the Wife and Husband have their first hit of Moonshine as a happy couple after their shotgun wedding…. lol



Gentlemen… see this!  This will be the last time you see this after I do, but then she wont! HAHAHAHAHA




I heard after a slice if this you can have a groovy chat with John Lennon.



So really curious… after a slice of this cake.. are you wanting more in 30 mins?




Honestly I would be afraid to eat this. Might get a damn hair ball or something.




Dude.. if you could not afford a nice multitier cake that is totally fine.  But Photoshopping a really shitty looking one in just make you look like  moron!



And with that ladies and Gentlemen I leave you with this last picture!




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  1. The Jabba cake looks like a pile of something you’d find in a meadow on a farm!!! lmao

  2. wow. That pink penis icecream cake…eurgghhh! love the way she’s eating it. White trash, much?

  3. I like that last one! ^^

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