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April, hell I am surrounded by fools 365!

So with every holiday I go and spend it with my family, which means going down to my hometown.  Every time I go I cannot help but be amazed some of these people have been allowed to roam free.

So my mom asked if I could go to WalMart to pick up some things, pulling up to the front I noticed a very skinny redhaired girl. “She needs a cheeseburger and an ass transplant!”.  My mother replied “But she is a redhead!” .  “Good point! Id hit that!” She just laughed at my stupidity.

While I was in there I noticed a few interesting things.

Do pandas drink coffee?


Someone at Nivea got a HUGE raise for knowing their target consumers!


For more Earth friendly prostitues!!


As I was walking around I noticed a young girl waling down the row of aisles waving to each endcap display as she passed them, when I looked down the aisle as she passed waving I saw no one at the other end! 


Turned the corner where there was a security guard talking with a woman about the same age as himself when I over heard her say “I have two boys, Moo shu is 4 and Malachi is 6!”  He replied “Moo shu and Malachi?”.  I did not stick around to hear the explaination from fear of laughing too hard to walk. Nice to see the originality at work here.  One named possibly after the demon spawn on Children of the corn and he other #4 on the dinner menu!


After getting what was needed and coming back out we decided to go get a milk shake.   When we received our treats my Mom looked at hers and asked the young lady “Where is my cherry?”.  I exclaimed “Given the fact I am sitting here, I think that is proff it is long gone!”.  She elbowed me hard and then facepalmed!

As a part of the Easter tradition G and I were given eggs filled with candy.  I told G I was going to hide them in my pants and have her go on a egg hunt!

Stopped by Gamestop to see if there are any used games I have yet to beat that were worth buying when I noticed this fellow. Judging by his lack of style and inability to comb his damn hair I figured he was still a teen.  Till the gamestop customer rep mentioned the game his mom was purchasing  was an Mature Adults title and she said “Oh thats ok he’s 19!” 




After hearing the name of the boy I had a craving for some Chinese food so I stopped to get us some. As I was waiting for the order a Brother and sister walked in.  As you can see She is dressed in green jeans, black skirt with a T shirt. Reminded me of Joon from Benny and Joon.   The boy was dressed with dockers, suspenders and the cap the newsies wore in their movie. made me want to give him a dime for a fresh of the print copy and ask him for a musical number!