Monthly Archives: May 2013

Tour Dafuq?

So as i was out getting groceries this evening I unfortunately pulled in behind a hefty group of men riding their 10 speeds as though they themselves were in training for a race. They were all decked out in their spandex and colored shirts of random sorts making them look even more the part.

When I pulled up to the corner to turn into the lane they were in they were humping it like there was no tomorrow, forcing me to wait for them to pass.

As soon as they passed I pulled out and in behind them where they decided to slow down and cruise for the next three blocks……


Unfortunately there was a red light ahead and they were forced to stop and the last guy obviously not paying attention to the other in front of him plowed into them as they stood there waiting for traffic to pass.


After a minute or two they pried the two bikes that were stuck together apart and one sat in the lane at the corner next to the sidewalk checking the spokes on his wheel.


Now by law you can turn right on red, however you cannot honk or “force” someone to do so. So i waited patiently.  Finally the light turned green and “Biker Bob” continued to work on his bike oblivious to the line of 7+ cars waiting to turn. I finally got tired of waiting and honked my horn lightly. (yes I can be civil at times thank you very much lol)


His friends who stayed behind to be a  what can only be described as a human barrier turned to look at me as though I was doing something wrong and quickly changed the look on their faces as soon as they saw my SUV pointed at them and me behind the wheel. Needless to say the scurried onto the sidewalk and let us go our marry way.

As i was starting to pull off I could swear I heard the woman behind me scream YAY!!!